since 1980

Hatgrup has been serving the industry since 1980. We have become a company that offers products that will increase the production quality of the customers, facilitate their work and enable them to benefit from high technology by offering them the products that customers need in a short time and with high quality service.

High Purity Gases
We can produce various gases with 99.999% and 99.9999% purity.
Gas Mixtures
Hatgrup can prepare gas mixtures upon customer's request. We can manufacture calibration gases from percent, ppm to ppb. We have ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for filling various gas mixtures.
Cryogenic Equipments
We are selling liquid storage tanks for various applications. Cryogenic tanks for liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and liquid oxygen 
Gas Equipments
Chrome plated or stainless steel pressure reducing regulators for cylinders